^^^ I edited these videos! ^^^

The Ballroom (former Chinese Ballroom) is a comedy improv team that formed in 2009. We've performed in sold out shows all over the Bay Area, and have appeared at the San Francisco Improv Fest, the Sacramento Comedy Fest, and SF Sketchfest. I'm a performer on the team with a penchant for making up songs on the spot. I'm also the team's video editor.

"Cost of Living" is a web series about navigating adulthood with your best friend in the country's most expensive city. I was cast as the lead role, and also edited these episodes and special extras.

Jules is still on the fence about whether to tell Dylan about her financial situation. When reason doesn't work, Marisa tries a new way to convince Jules to tell Dylan about the "bean situation."

Behind the scenes bloopers from the production of Cost Of Living, Season One!

Nothing like having to make small talk with your friend's weirdo roommate while she's finishing her poop. This is Jules' life.

The stars of Cost Of Living get their karaoke on between takes! New episodes of Cost Of Living premiere on Vimeo + YouTube on 9/13/2014!