I write, and occasionally perform, parody songs for Killing My Lobster, AJ+ or for family and friends. 

Killing My Lobster Sketch Troupe

Wasn't 2016 the worst? Here was the closing number for the 2016 KML Holiday show.

For our show all about embarrassing stories, I asked the actors to send me their "first time" stories. I compiled them into a parody of Chicago's famous "Cell Block Tango."

I wrote this opening number for a show called "KML Presents Gary!" where every night, one unsuspecting audience member played the role of Gary.

Here's an original song about what *really* happens in a women's restroom

There's no better way to open a show about the dark side of the holidays than with a parody to "This is Halloween" from the movie "Nightmare Before Christmas."


A tribute to Sir Mix-A-Lot's iconic song, but rewritten to be about shady campaign financing.

 2015 was a pretty crappy year in news. I felt a little better writing this end-of-the-year round-up to a Billy Joel hit.